Sunday, September 9, 2012

California Coast Classic: Day One

Today APL started his California Coast Classic journey by riding his bike 87 miles from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. I talked to him on the phone this evening and he sounded super happy, like he was really enjoying himself. And that made me super happy too.APL also sent me some pictures from today that I wanted to share, because I think they'll tell you more about his experiences than I can!

OZL and I also had a very busy day here in Los Angeles visiting with APL's parents. We also visited with APL's mom's best friend (a teacher at the high school APL and I both went to), another of his mom's friend's (who happened to be both my and APL's pediatrician when we were kids), and one of APL's aunts. It was wonderful to see everyone - and of course everyone loved OZL!! I'll share a picture from our day too!!

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