Friday, September 14, 2012

California Coast Classic: Day Six

Today APL rode his bike 70 miles from Pismo Beach to Buellton. The ride went through wine country so obviously there had to be some wine tasting! APL said they went to three wineries and the Firestone Walker Brewery. It sounds like it was a lovely time and I really wish I could have been there too. APL also met up with his cousin this evening, who will be joining him for the last two days of the ride. Go Team Z!!


OZL and I had lunch today with his uncle (my brother) and his uncle's girlfriend. Then we went to hang out at Granny's (my mom's) house for a while. Later APL's parents, my godfather, and my sister's godmother joined us at my mom's house for a very lovely dinner.

OZL's tummy is doing slightly better, but he is super exhausted from not feeling well and all the excitement of this extremely busy week. It also doesn't help that it is approximately one billion degrees in Los Angeles right now. As much as we can we are trying to stay cool and relax - though the relaxing part can be a bit difficult because there are just so many people here who want to meet and love him! We are really looking forward to seeing daddy cross that finish line on Sunday!

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