Monday, February 25, 2013

10 Things I Hate About My Day

TMI warning: this post contains details of my day that those of you who are not parents may not wish to know about. Or really probably no one wants to know about this stuff. I know I don't. But here is a list of 10 things I did not like about my day today:
(1) Waking up with approximately 84 stiff, achy joints (what else is new?)
(2) Continued mostly sinus infection (it's been like 2 weeks now, green stuff, get. out. of. my. head!)
(3) Having particularly bad hand pain today (went bowling on Saturday for the first time since being diagnosed with RA and I thought I'd get by without increased hand pain?? hahaha!)
(4) OZL waking up with a fever (a tiny one, but still not a great sign...)
(5) OZL having a nasty poopy diaper complete with poopy balls that he immediately grabbed, thus getting poop all over his hands and almost everything else in sight (what is it with the boys and the balls?)
(6) OZL vomiting a literal fountain of vomit alllllll over himself, his pajamas, me, my pajamas, his bouncy chair, the couch, the floor, his favorite blanket.... (I was seriously freaked out about the sheer volume of vomit that came out of that little body...) 
(7) OZL refusing to nap because his bouncy chair was in the wash due to the aforementioned fountain of vomit (I knew that OZL having a favorite napping place was going to come back to bite me...)
(8) The dryer refusing to, you know, DRY THINGS even though I totally took it apart with a screwdriver last week and vacuumed the hell out of the inside of the lint trap (why isn't it working?!? If someone doesn't fix it or buy me a new dryer immediately I think I will stop doing laundry all together)
(9) When I finally did get OZL down for a nap, I took River out to throw her toy in the snow and she immediately pooped on her toy (because that's just the kind of day I'm having)
(10) Ant invasion in my living room (because why not?)
 Is it bedtime yet??

(Photo caption: Ohai. I just barfed all the barf on everything in sight and scared the crap out of my mama. Let's smile about it so daddy thinks mommy is exaggerating!!!)

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Anonymous said...

It gets better as they get older. The lack of sleep and tiredness is contributing to the autoimmune symtoms (joints and sinus infection). I remember the first year with a new baby and RA. I promise, year 2 will be better and so will year 3 and so on. Hold on, be patient. Gentle hugs to you. -Lana