Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 California Coast Classic Day Two

Today Team Z rode 48 miles from Santa Cruz to Monterey. OZL, Grandma, and I rang cowbells for the riders at rest stop one, with a gorgeous view of the ocean. 

Today was Team Jersey Day and we enjoyed getting to learn about some of the other teams doing the ride. Of course there is Team Princess Parade, who ride for Caitlin Ryan. In fact, we actually learned about the ride when Caitlin's mom Colleen wrote about it on her blog a couple of years ago. At dinner we met the Ohio River Valley team, captained by an orthopedic surgeon and here all the way from (you guessed it!) Ohio. But perhaps the most powerful story was Team Also Touch, who have participated in the CCC five years in a row. The team captains, Dwight and Evelyn, celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary today. They ride in honor of their daughter, who had juvenile arthritis and passed away due to complications at the age of ten. The people doing this ride are so inspiring and I am honored to have a chance to get to know them. 

The only bad news about today is that OZL is not feeling his best. He has a little fever but we hope it is just from teething. He is being an amazing little trooper, though, and still managing to have fun and make all the riders smile. And hopefully he will feel better tomorrow. 

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