Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I've been very busy writing, but I obviously haven't done much writing on my own blog recently. I keep thinking about how I need to update this blog because so many things have happened since the last time I really wrote about my life here. 

I've been meaning to write more about my new position at RheumatoidArthritis.net and how we finally enrolled OZL in preschool/daycare two days a week. I want to tell you about how I'm getting past my working mommy guilt and actually enjoying my writing jobs. I've been meaning to recount our crazy summer experiences at Folks Fest, when friends visited from California, and our weekend trip to New York for great grandma's birthday. I want to update you on the point of this blog - how things have been with my RA lately.

But then Colorado nearly washed away last weekend - and the flood waters seem to have taken my thoughts and energy with them. One of the creeks flooded to within a block of our house, which was both scary and exhausting. Luckily we are doing better than a huge number of our fellow Coloradans, as in the end our house didn't end up sustaining any damage. The sun has finally come out and I'm trying to collect my thoughts, but I am not feeling well at all and I think this is about all the update I can manage for now.

Please keep Colorado in your thoughts!

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