Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The 2013 California Coast Classic Is Nearly Here!!

At the 2012 CCC Finish Line
We are leaving on Friday to fly to San Fransisco for the beginning of the 2013 California Coast Classic! For the second year in a row, APL will be riding his bike 525 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise awareness and funds for the Arthritis Foundation. 

Last year, OZL was just three months old. While daddy rode his bike for eight days we stayed with family in Los Angeles. While APL had an amazing time and met some fantastic people on the ride, unfortunately it was not an easy week for me or OZL. I had just made the difficult decision to stop breastfeeding so that I could go back on the meds I needed to get my RA under control. I was in emotional and physical pain from weaning and very overwhelmed by how many friends and family members wanted to visit with us and meet the baby. To make matters worse, about halfway through the week OZL started having some major trouble with his tummy. He was a very unhappy baby and I was stressed and sad and missing APL's constant support. 

But, grandmas and grandpas and friends stepped in and took care of OZL and I through the week. And I was still very proud of everything that APL accomplished by doing the ride. Being at the finish line and watching all the people riding and cheering, all committed to helping those of us living with arthritis, was an amazing and emotional experience. And, though I must say that I was not at my best at the time, I was really excited to finally get to meet fellow blogger Colleen in person, especially since she had always been so supportive online.

And I am certain that this year is going to be a lot more fun for the whole family - because it has turned into a family affair!! Last year, APL rode alone for the first six days and his cousin joined him for the last two. This year APL will be joined by his cousin, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend for the entire ride! I have also signed up to work as a ride volunteer, so I will be able to travel with them the whole way too. And grandma and grandpa are also following along to help take care of OZL while I work and daddy rides. I'm so excited that, instead of spending a week apart, our family will get to be together while we all work to raise awareness about arthritis. We are all very excited and I promise I will try my best to update this blog along the way. 

APL has met his fundraising goal this year but his teammates are still working towards theirs. There is still time for you to help! Please click here to donate to Team Z!! Any amount, no matter how small, goes towards raising awareness and finding a cure for those of us living each day with arthritis.

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