Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've Already Been Stucken

ENBREL dose #4 happened this morning. I’m getting pretty good at this whole stab myself with a needle thing. At first I thought once a week wasn’t going to seem like a lot, but now somehow stabbing myself with a needle once a week seems to make the weeks go by faster. I mean, didn’t I just stab myself the other day?

Anyhow (please knock on all forms of wood in your general vicinity), although I’ve been feeling a bit exhausted from our spontaneous road trip I have to say that I haven’t been noticing as much specific pain in my joints lately. So perhaps this ENBREL drug is working? I’m keeping my hopes up for it.

In other news, check out the ENBREL promotional picture in this post. “With ENBREL, you may be able to hang on to a pole like this lady. I mean, maybe your hands will stop hurting long enough to at least take a picture like this. Maybe. Your results may vary though, so this may not be true at all.” Yay covering your ass, ENBREL.

1 comment:

Sylvia Zebrowski said...

I have my fingers crossed. Plus I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some relief. Happy for you. Much love.