Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stick It To Me Again

Right after I graduated from college, APL and I spent three months camping across the whole country. It was pretty much the best time of both of our lives because we had no responsibilities and no agenda. We just did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. If we were driving down the road and we saw something that looked interesting, we stopped if we wanted to. If it took us an extra day to get someplace, it didn’t matter. If disaster occurred (the wheel fell of the trailer, the car broke down, a hurricane, food poisoning) it didn’t matter because we were together.

So when APL suddenly found himself with 40 extra hours of free time every week, the first thought that occurred to us was that maybe we should hitch up Donna, throw River in the car, and get out of town for a few days.

We literally would have left right away, but then I realized that we couldn’t leave until Thursday because I needed to wait for my next injection of ENBREL to arrive. (I totally called it that this drug would make car trips a pain!) We know that this month’s supply is supposed to arrive sometime today, but we don’t know when. So we are basically sitting around, waiting until I can stab myself with a needle, and then we can get out the door to who knows where!!

In other news, I have a really dark purple bruise from where I stabbed myself with a needle last week. Which of course means that if I get one new bruise every week, but it takes about three weeks for each bruise to disappear, ENBREL is going to leave my thighs looking like someone beat the hell out of me. But (please knock on every piece of wood within reach) that horrible knife-in-the-hip pain I was having about a week ago seems to have faded away, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all the bruises will be worth it in the end.

UPDATE: I wrote the above post at 11:00am. It is now 2:30pm. The car is packed, Donna is hitched up, and we are ready to go. But we are still waiting for my stupid needle to arrive. Grrrr....

ANOTHER UPDATE: It is now 3:30pm and still no needles!! I mean, I know they are sending me the first month for free and saving me $800, and I am grateful for that, but APL and I want to go on an adventure! Not sit in the house doing nothing!! Accio needles! Now, please?

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: It is now 4:40pm. I'm starting to get bummed out.

FINAL UPDATE: It is now 4:44pm and the needles have arrived, I have stabbed myself for the second time, and we're FINALLY out the door!!! Yay!!! (P.S. that needle still hurt pretty bad for 15 seconds. Bleh.)

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Unknown said...

yay! i'm SO excited for you guys! it sounds like it will be a BLAST. so where are you headed? have a great time!