Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thankless Chores

I know this is a bit off-topic for this blog, but I’m thinking about it so I thought I’d share: it sucks to do thankless chores.

Because (a) a clean house matters to me more than it does to APL and (b) up until yesterday I’ve been the one with more time, I usually take care of a lot of house-cleaning. Particularly the icky, nitty-gritty, cleaning the dirt and filth part.

But although I put a ton of effort into cleaning, I don’t feel like anyone except me really notices it. And it’s not just on APL – a bunch of people spend time in this house. But does it matter to anyone else if the house is clean? Probably not. For example, I just spent a full 45 minutes scrubbing the filthy, grease and food-stained stovetop clean. I scrubbed until my stupid arthritic fingers hurt. But will anyone notice? Will anyone care?

Conclusion: cleaning sucks. Especially when you have RA.

Also: being an adult and having to worry about things like cleaning a stovetop and health insurance and getting laid off sucks too.

UPDATE: To be fair, APL did thank me for cleaning the kitchen. He gets an A, but cleaning still sucks.


A said...

Agree! Cleaning is like changing the oil in the car. No one notices that you've done it, but they sure do if you forget! That said, I have my secret weapon. No, I'm not having an affair with the shamwow guy. I clean when I'm mad. So make me mad and the pots magically get scrubbed. B knows this scary fact and, thankfully, uses it for good and not evil.

PS-- Kitty is engaged, not an pton related peeps!

KCFitch said...

LOL.. .try keeping up with cleaning at TWO houses! I can't wait until we get the old house sold!!!

~Mariah~ said...

A - I was actually pretty frustrated about something when I started scrubbing the disgusting stovetop, otherwise my painful fingers never would have scrubbed that hard!

K - Fair enough. Also, you have to take care of a baby at the same time. You totally win. ~;o)