Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Creepy Oz, Not the Munchkin One

Yesterday I had my first physical therapy appointment to work on my confused kneecap, which thought it might be fun to do its own thing and totally dislocate itself from the rest of my leg last week. Bad kneecap! My dad's theory on my knee's misbehavior is that my muscles are now weak because I've been less active in the past year and a half than ever before in my life. He is probably right, though that is not exactly a happy thought.

After examining my knee and showing me some exercises I should do to work on strengthening the muscles that will keep my bad kneecap in line, it was time for the creepy part. The physical therapist hooked me up to a machine that sent an electrical current through my knee to stimulate the muscle. While I understand the theory behind this (stimulate and strengthen the muscle without me having to distress my already distressed knee joint) let me just say this:

Do. Not. Like!

(1) It is highly creepy to watch your muscles move against your will.
(2) That machine looked like the one from Return to Oz - the creepy Oz, not the munchkin one.

And, after the treatment was over, I still had to wait in the pharmacy for 45 minutes for them to refill and process the payment assistance on my Enbrel, even though I had called the refill in that morning. Needless to say I didn't get home as early as I wanted to and was up later doing homework than I should of been. On top of the physical and emotional exhaustion from traveling to the funeral this weekend, I am now adding the exhaustion of too much work and not enough sleep this week. Plus I got all mad and riled up over that ABC Article instead of doing homework this afternoon, so I have to admit that I am less than a happy camper this evening.

Having a chronic condition is a full time job. Do you think the economy is crappy enough that I could hire someone to do it for me???

Yeah... didn't think so.


KCFitch said...

A little sunshine for your day, cuz...


~Mariah~ said...

I am glad, despite my recent ranting and complaining, that I still qualify for some sunshine. ~;o) Thanks!!

~kelly marie~ said...

I am so sorry about your knee! Ugh! As someone who ran TENS machines about 10 hours a day every day for a year, I will tell you the PT had it turned up too high! Tell her to turn it down some next time. You should not suffer with it! Most people actually like it.

Nice Return to Oz reference! Is it weird that I loved that movie as a kid and watched it repeatedly?

I read your posts about that article. that is so frustrating. I am glad there is some attention on autoimmune disease, but I hate that they belittle it. If I have to hear "at least you're not dying" one more time from a doctor, I might loose it!
I hope that knee starts cooperating soon! Feel better!