Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When Help Isn't Helpful

Remember that part in my last post where I said: "I don't want to deal with bad doctors right now"? I jinxed myself, I think.  

The psychiatrist at student health just chastised me, quite harshly in fact, for trying to do too much. He pretty much flatly said that it was my own fault that my body is falling apart. I tried to express the effort I have already put into cutting back on my activity level, and I even agreed that I still need to cut back some more. But I also said that I didn't see how that conclusion helped me get through the end of this semester. His response was that it didn't matter if I failed all my classes, I could always take them again.
Now, I don't have a PhD in psychiatry or an MD or anything like that, but aren't doctors supposed to help their patients? It is not helpful to tell a law student that it is ok if they fail all of their classes. It is not helpful to tell someone with an autoimmune disease that being sick is their own fault.

It is not ok for me to fail all my classes. Just because I have an autoimmune disease doesn't mean I have to give up my aspirations. And it is not my fault that I am sick. It's just life. And I'm doing the best I can with it.

Doctor, I don't think I need your help anymore.


Rebecca said...


The cheering squad has a slightly different message for you:


Hang in there, superstar!

A said...


I mean yes, in reality, it's technically "fine" if you fail your classes. But then you'd have to take them again. and do all the work you've already done. AGAIN. How is that helping? Seems like finishing your classes as best you can would be an investment in your long-term health.

Um, perhaps a mention to a hire-up might be helpful for future help-seeking students.

It's a good reminder that having an MD doesn't mean you always have the answers.

~kelly marie~ said...

Wow. I want to punch this guy in the face.

Laurie Grassi said...

One. Breath. At. A. Time.

One. Thing. At. A. Time.

One. Day. At. A. Time.

You can do it!!!

:) L

P.S. Just something I try to remind myself of when I'm freaking out – which is quite often...

~Mariah~ said...

Thanks, girls. I really appreciate the support. ~;o)