Friday, April 9, 2010

Pens and Needles

Occasionally,  I feel isolated and misunderstood at school - surrounded by law students who are starting to panic about upcoming finals without a thought for anyone around them. That's when I feel extra grateful for this blog and its ability to connect me with understanding and supportive people. 

Another "friend" that I have never met in person who often leaves me uplifting comments is  Helen. I've also been reading her blog, Pens and Needles, for a while now too. Diagnosed with RA at age two and dealing with a host of other medical problems, Helen has extremely insightful things to say about living with a chronic illness. And, since she's about to start law school, I hope I've got useful things to say to her too! I will also be continuing to follow her blog from this point forward.

I'm so grateful that the "blogosphere" has helped me meet these wonderful women!!


Helen said...

You most certainly have got useful things to say to me! I'm so grateful to have found your blog. It's uplifting and encouraging to see all that you accomplish with RA, and to see how positive, active and ambitious you are despite illness.

Thanks for such a lovely post. :)

~Mariah~ said...

I'm glad we can give each other hope on the rough days. ~;o)