Thursday, April 1, 2010

California Wedding Dreaming

Over my spring break, APL and I drove to Groveland, California. We drove, instead of flying, so that River could come with us.  This was not only so we wouldn't have to find someone to watch her, but also because we love to have her with us because she makes us so happy. We went to Groveland because that's where APL's parents own ten acres in the Sierras. Over the past couple of years they have built a house and planted dozens of fruit trees. They are currently building a foundation for a barn that we're hoping to help them build this summer. It is also the location where APL and I will get married in May 2011.

It is an absolutely gorgeous piece of property - open grass meadows and beautiful ancient oak trees surrounded by a ring of hills. This time of year,  the oak trees are brown but the grass is green, the daffodils are sprouting, and there's a creek running across the bottom piece of the property. In the summer (and, likely, in May), the grass will be a little less green, the creek will likely be dry, but the oak trees will be totally green and create a heavenly shade underneath them. 

The property is also only 45 minutes away from Yosemite National Park, which is quite possibly my favorite place on earth. And, since APL's parents are planning to move there permanently when they retire, it's a location that will continue be important for the rest of our lives. Someday we'll take our kids there. I can't imagine a more beautiful and meaningful location for our wedding. 

Even though our wedding is more than a year away, living in Colorado means we won't get too many chances to spend time in Groveland between now and then. We also want to make sure my parents and the wedding party get to see the location before the wedding.

APL, River, and I arrived in Groveland late on Friday afternoon. That evening, three members of the wedding party and each of their significant others arrived as well! My maid of honor (my little sister), one of my bridesmaids (my best friend since kindergarten), one of APL's groomsmen (my little brother) and their boyfriends/girlfriend.

We had a fantastic weekend with them! On Saturday morning we went into Yosemite Valley, a place my brother and sister and I had spent a lot of time together as kids, as our family used to go camping there at least once a year. I think this was the first time all three of us had been there together in probably ten years. It was a lot of fun for all of us.

In the afternoon we went back to Groveland to climb oak tress and daydream about the wedding. (Well, at least that's what the girls did! The boys had bro beer time!) Then my brother (a culinary school graduate) made fantastic enchiladas for all of us and APL's parents for dinner - chicken, pork, and artichoke hearts!

We were both really glad that my brother and sister and best friend got a chance to see the wedding location. Since APL's brother has obviously been there, and APL's best friend has been there too, there is now only one member of the wedding party who has not been there: our good friend RK, who helped both me and APL survive the horrors associated with  me going to law school and was an unfailing source of support for both of us when I fist got diagnosed with RA. Get on a plane RK!! Let's go back today!! (For serious: maybe this summer? Or next fall??)

Spring break story to be continued...


~kelly marie~ said...

I love hearing about your wedding location! It sounds like perfection. I am so happy for you guys!

Rebecca said...


~Mariah~ said...

KELLY MARIE: I am super excited about it too. Almost as nice as Palm Springs. ~;o) And, as soon as I survive through finals, I'd love to pick your brain for wedding advice sometime. ~;o)

REBECCA: INDEED!!! (Miss you SOOOOO much)