Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Importance of Lubrication and an All-Natural Option – Giveaway & Discount Code!

As stated in my product review policy, my reviews will always be honest. I was provided with a free sample of SYLK for review, but I was not otherwise compensated for this post.

It’s been a little while since I’ve written much about sex – and with a four-year-old and two-year-old I don’t suppose you can blame me! To be honest, finding the time for sex can be difficult enough, let alone the time to write about it! But even though sex is often that thing no one talks about, I still believe that a healthy sex life is a very important aspect of any adult’s quality of life. I also strongly believe that having a chronic illness shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice your quality of life.

Unfortunately, many of us have experienced the negative impact a chronic illness can have on a on a person’s sex life. We may have physical and positional limitations based on pain in our bodies. Our diseases may have an undesirable impact on our personal body image – making it difficult to feel confident or sexy. Sometimes the medications we take to help us function on a daily basis can have adverse sexual side effects – like reduced libido or vaginal dryness.

When trying to figure out how to improve your sex life while living with a chronic illness, one piece of advice that shouldn’t be underestimated is the importance of lubrication. Whether vaginal dryness is a medical issue or not, having sufficient lubrication can be really useful if you are having difficulty overcoming pain or getting involved in an intimate act. While some people may find the need for additional lubrication a bit embarrassing, it really shouldn’t be – at least 65% of women use personal lubricants. When it comes to physical intimacy, adequate lubrication allows you to focus your attention on things like finding a comfortable position, allocating your energy, connecting with your partner, and (most importantly!) enjoying yourself.

I was recently given the opportunity to try an all-natural, water-based lubricant – or perhaps this particular review should really say “we” as my husband was also a (very willing) participant! SYLK is apparently the only all-natural personal lubricant in the world, made with 8 ingredients and no parabens, synthetics, silicones, hormones, chemicals, or fragrances. The main ingredient actually comes from New Zealand kiwifruit vine extract. (Side note: did you know kiwi grew on a vine? I did not! You learn something new every day!). The kiwifruit vine extract yields a high amount of polysaccharides, which gives the product a texture that mimics the body’s natural lubrication. 

As this is obviously a product of a highly personal nature, I won’t get too graphic with my review. I will say that SYLK has a clean, natural feeling and almost no scent. My husband and I both agree that it actually seems a bit more slippery than other lubricants we have tried in the past, which means you likely need to use less of it. We would recommend trying to use a bit of caution when dispensing it from the tube, as it does tend to come out a bit quickly (though obviously that can be a challenge in the moment!) Overall, we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience of using this lubrication (on multiple occasions!)

I’m excited that I’ve been given the opportunity to give away a FREE tube of SYLK for one of my readers to try! To enter the giveaway, please head over to my Facebook page and comment on the SYLK giveaway thread. I will randomly select a winner on Saturday, October 22st! (Please note: the winner will need to provide their mailing address to me via email).

If you aren’t comfortable entering in the givaway (which, given the product’s personal nature, is totally understandable!) my readers are also being offered 25% discount for the next two weeks. Just visit SYLK’s website and enter the code: FTPF (SYLK is also available on Amazon, but the FTPF code will only work on their website.)

In the meantime, I hope we can all remember the importance of lubrication and start to feel less embarrassed as we figure out how to achieve the quality of life we each deserve! 


END NOTE: I know that many readers come to my blog because they are interested in starting a family, so if you are one of them I want to make sure that I note one potential issue that comes with using an over-the-counter personal lubricant if you are trying to conceive. According to WebMD and many other sources that focus on conception:
Most lubricants can change the pH or acid balance inside the vagina, and that in turn may affect sperm motility and ultimately prevent, or at least reduce the chances of a pregnancy occurring… If you find you must use a lubricant, avoid petroleum jelly. Instead… [try] a natural product, such as olive oil, which is less likely to cause any serious problems.
SYLK is all-natural, so it is possible that it may be a better choice for conception than other over-the-counter lubrications. However, when I asked the SYLK representative about conception she was unable to give me any specific information as to how the product may or may not affect your chances of getting pregnant. So if you are trying to conceive and need a lubricant, I recommend checking out Pre-Seed, which is a fertility-friendly lubricant. It may quite possibly have the worst name ever, but we used it with success for both of my pregnancies!! (The link I’ve provided is an Amazon Affiliate Link. If you’re thinking about trying Pre-Seed, I'd love if you would use this link and help me afford the children that product helped me conceive haha!)

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